Svetlana, Tessa and Aida

Svetlana is exotic and erotic with extremely generous curves and a beautiful face. She is a fun and bubbly companion who always knows how to have a good time. She is a graceful woman with an impressive physique who knows how to use it. Whether you want a private strip show or a girl to bring home to your partner Svetlana has got it covered. She can be a real sweetheart or she can play dirty, it’s all up to you! Perhaps you’d like to try some Domination – if you’ve got the stamina!





Tessa is a sultry British-Asian newcomer with brains to match her beauty. She is a student so she is sure to provide you with stimulating conversation as well as stimulation in other areas. When she isn’t studying hard, Tessa is into light domination and a little naughty role playing on the side. If you give her the right uniform she might even provide you with your own private striptease!

Aida is a petite Italian beauty with radiant hair and a coveted physique. She speaks three languages and she swings for both teams. There will never be a dull moment with this enchanting young lady adorning your arm. Anywhere you take her, Aida is certain to fit right in and make you the envy of every other man in the room. She is the ultimate party girl and intimate travel companion to make all your nights unforgettable.

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